Fed4FIRE booth at the EUCNC 2016

Fed4FIRE: Federation of testbeds for Future Internet research and experimentation

The Fed4FIRE has been successful at federating a multitude of testbeds in Europe and world-wide, ensuring simple and remote access to one or more testbeds for various types of experiments. Besides the demonstrations on easy usage of the federated testbeds, the booth presentation will also focus on how experiments and other projects leverage on Fed4FIRE. For this, a selection of experiments implemented in the Fed4FIRE federation will be presented through digital posters and through live demos it will be shown how different projects, such as F-Interop (interop tests for IoT), eWINE/WISHFUL (wireless networking experimentation), and FORGE (online learning platform using testbeds), leverage on using the Fed4FIRE tools and testbeds.

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